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There’s a lot of speculation going around regarding COVID-19, and most of it is coming from people receiving false negatives or positives. And honestly, I can see why some people might question the virus if some tests come out wrong, BUT consider this: what if it’s not the virus itself, but our inadequate detection technology?

See, the problem with the system in place right now is that it’s too inaccurate, slow, and inefficient, like many processes in society.

Testing for the virus can take up to several days on average — and even then, there’s the possibility that you could…

I’ve spent the majority of my life on Earth training so I can one day leave the planet🌎.

Graduating with my Space Academy Wings

I think it’s evident to my close friends that I have devoted my entire life to space exploration and the space industry. It started as a dream that quickly grew into a career plan.

But while my close friends and family know about my training and experiences in the space industry, many around me don’t really have a clear grasp on me or my character.

A lot of my peers see different facets of my character: the quiet girl in the class…

Chemical rockets have taken us as far as they could. It’s time to switch to something that can take us where we need to go.

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  • Chemical rockets are inefficient for interstellar travel but antimatter is a better choice because it results in much higher speeds and it’s more efficient
  • Antimatter is the same thing as matter but with opposite charges, found by Paul Dirac when his equation gave him answers of positive and negative energy
  • Antimatter is formed through the process of β+decay and is stored in different traps using electric and/or magnetic fields
  • When antimatter and matter collide, it’s…

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I don’t know about you but I have always wanted to live in a cute, small apartment in a busy city; my own small living space. See, but the problem with that is that those cute, small apartments are VERY small. And most often than not, they’re also unreasonably expensive for such a small living space.

Luckily Ori, a robotics interior furniture company, is already working on solving this problem. That’s right, you heard me : a ROBOTICS 🤖furniture company. …

If you got to meet someone who basically has the career path you WANT and was working to achieve the very thing you’ve trained for since you were 5, how would you react?

Me? It would be an understatement to say that I was nervous. 😬

This year, I’m an Innovator at The Knowledge Society (TKS) and in TKS, I’m part of an inside program called Boss Ladies. …

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Have you ever noticed that it’s been decades since we’ve sent someone further than Earth’s orbit?

It’s been almost 50 years since the last Apollo mission and I’m sure someone has wondered: “What’s taking them so long?” Yes, NASA is planning the Artemis missions to back the Moon by 2024 but what about Mars? Where’s the plan to get us to the Red Planet?

Well, thankfully, I can tell you exactly why we’re still stuck on Earth and introduce you to a technology that will hopefully take us to Mars in the near future.

The Past

First let’s discuss chemical rockets, the…

Krupal Patel

A 17-year-old girl trying to change how we explore the universe.

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